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The Moon is bright and inspirational. It provides the every night comfort that we should all appreciate. It’s beautiful round shape can give us so much to think about throughout life. Some of us may feel alone but if we admire it’s purpose for us, we should consider it one of our best friends. Sure we all have friends but we also need time to think and be able to talk to something so motivating about what our goals in life are from here on out. It has been there for us since birth and it will always be there if we ever need to vent out some frustration. It is there to provide us a positive outlook on our lives continuously forever if we allow it. We can always trust that it’s beauty will be there for us so we should look up to it every chance we get to continue believing in ourselves that we will in fact reach our goals. Our future is in our hands and the moon will be there for us looking down on how well we are accomplishing our dreams.

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