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Title:Ilobby Visitor Management Software   -
Description:iLobby is an innovative tablet-based visitor visitor management software and visitor check-in system that maximizes your front desk’s efficiency by allowing the receptions to work on other important projects while your visitors sign themselves in. As a fully-digitized system, iLobby streamlines the check-in process by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badges and collecting signatures – all in a few taps on the screen. The system is built to protect your employees and your property making sure that only authorized visitors have access to your facility. Ilobby is a platform that does much more than a sign-in book at your reception area. It categorically enhances the security of your business infrastructure and improves the experience of your visitors, contractors and employees. iLobby tracks every visitor at your facility and allows you to easily retrieve your visitor data as well as export it for further analysis.
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