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Our Casa Machaya Oaxaca Mezcal Tours take agave spirit aficionados and novices alike for a true educational experience, into the villages peppering the hinterland of the southern state of Oaxaca. Learn, sample, buy, interact with the palenqueros and their families, and participate in the processes of distilling mezcal. Photograph and video if you like. The distilleries and their families have been friends of ours in some cases for 25 years! We trust them, and they trust that we will bring them good people who are interested in learning about the culture of traditional mezcal production. Participate in various stages of distillation and fermentation. We explore both ancestral clay pot distillation and the more traditional copper alembic production. We usually have an opportunity to visit the palenqueros in their homes. Sample madrecuixe, tepeztate, jabalí, tobalá, pechuga, arroqueño, espadín and more, including ensambles.

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