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Akon Song Dangerous

One of Akon's songs "Dangerous" reminds you of a girl that you knew before that you had a relationship with. Along the way you realized that you just no longer could put up with her. You gave her your all and opened completely up to her. She couldn't love you as much as you loved her because she let her mind get the best of her. She depended on what everyone else thought about her and not what you did as much. You wanted to hide her from those people that influenced her life but you couldn't because they were her family. This Akon song will make you realize that you had to protect your own heart first before hers because she just wasn't giving up her whole heart to you. She remained influenced by others even after you showed her your all. You had to start letting her go because it was just hurting you too much. The Akon song Dangerous reminds you that you can't give up your heart to someone that won't treat it the way that you are trying to treat hers.

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كتاب كلمات الأغاني

أفضل وأقوى موقع عربي خاص بكتابة كلمات الأغاني القديمة، الجديدة، الحصرية العربية والعالمية لأي أغنية لجميع المطربين والمطربات العرب مكتوبة كاملة، راب، رابرز, مهرجانات شعبية, شيلة وشيلات, نشيد وأناشيد, دعاء وأدعية دينية إسلامية, موال ومواويل, دويتوهات, تترات مسلسلات و الأفلام, والكلاسيكيات ، مع الإستماع المباشر إلى الأوديوهات أو مشاهدة أي كليب من الكليبات لايف أون لاين من خلال فيديو اليوتيوب الرسمي لها عبر النسخة الأصلية بجودة عالية حد إتش دي.Read more


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